Walking or Moving Floor

Walking Floor

Walking Floors are a highy specialised trailer with a moving floor that 'walks' your product from the front of the trailer to the rear of the trailer buy means of moving floor panels. Product such as Wood Chips, Grain, Coal, Lime, Sand as well as Waste material.
  • Trailer Volumes from 55m3 up to 107m3
  • Suitable for abrasive materials
  • High impact resistance
  • Large moving floor surface
  • Suitable for a running head board
  • Efficient and clean unloading
  • Simple Mounting
  • Various colour Tarpaulins

Tanker Auger Bulk

Specifications and Optional Extras


Auto-Inflate capabilities to inflate or deflate tyres depending on your needs for heavy loads and light loads.

Walking Floor

Adjustable Walking panels which come in various different sizes, depending on your product haul and weight.

Plastic Toolbox

Durable, lockable and large enough to store all the tools and safety and breakdown equipment that you need.


Tarps are standard on most Walking Floors but are not compulsory. Standard colours available.

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