Transnet port and rail operations in KZN begin to normalise

Terminal operations at Transnet’s two ports in KwaZulu-Natal, Durban and Richards Bay, are slowly starting to improve following last week’s halt to operations due to shutdowns, looting and the burning of businesses in the province.

According to a Transnet statement, Richards Bay has managed to clear all shipping backlogs while terminal operations at Durban are also improving.

“The reinstatement of the supply chain on the key national roads, the N2 and N3, has increased activities at the port terminals as trucks continue to call at the ports.

The two ports remained open throughout the protests last week, but the operations were significantly impacted by the shutdown of the warehouses and cold storage facilities, public transport as well as limited truck movement,” the statement read.

Transnet also said that the rail corridor network between Gauteng and Durban, which had been negatively impacted by the unrest, had been reopened, with train services running since Friday.

“Transnet Freight Rail has managed to run 42 trains since its reopening on Friday, and will continue to run more trains as efforts to stabilise this key network intensify.”

Transnet has confirmed that although rail operations are continuing, cable theft is still a challenge.

“To deal with these problems, all our trains will be accompanied by security to ensure that we are able to provide a reliable service. Additional patrols have been deployed across the entire network, resulting in the arrest of four people for tampering with the pipeline last night,” Transnet said.